Roi Carmeli

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Roi Carmeli
Born 1982 in Tel Aviv, Israel
Lives and work in Glasgow

Residency in Achterhaus
January – March 2020

I am a visual artist and a musician based in Glasgow.

My research is informed by travelling to work in places that have long-lasting spiritual traditions and material culture.
For example, Hokkaido in Japan, home to the largest Ainu communities, Celtic archaeological sites in Scotland or Inka and pre Columbian cultures in Peru.
This movement helps me to recreate and imagine links between ancient objects, tools, habitats and contemporary culture, through my work fusing sculpture,
performance, sound and moving image.

My work predominantly stems from a deep process of research and interest in intersections between Anthropology and Archaeology.
I have a profound interest in pre-religious spiritual rituals, which I perceive as the earliest form of artistic expression.
Last winter, I worked with Italian Anthropologist Dario Astengo and esteemed Q’ero „Paqos“ –
Andean spiritual leaders to perform a ceremony which informed work I exhibited in Tel Aviv in January 2020.

After this project, I started my residency at the Achterhaus, took a playful approach and decided to take the time and explore the city to get inspired by it.
A week after I decided to contact Esmeralda Rosenberg – a well-known fortune teller and ask her what should I do with my time at the residency,
I wanted to see what could come out of it and take it seriously in a funny way if that makes sense.
As part of the project, I made some sculptural objects, lithography and woodcut prints and had a really interesting time that allows me also to fail if I need to.
Unfortunately the project didn’t reach a preview due to Covid 19 spread.
In a way, I created my own interpretation of Hamburg’s urban personality and symbols.