Monika Fryčová

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Monika Fryčová
Born 1983 in Prostějov – Czechoslovakia, based in Seyðisfjörður – Iceland

Residency in Achterhaus
January – February 2016


In Achterhouse :
Beside editing preface and re/writing my unreleased composition Ekrphrasis,
I developed several mixed media works focused on audio/visual experience, meta-analysis of the human condition. The living and exploring.

The North Riviera n.1
performance lecture in Dorothea Schlueter Galerie

monika frycova ACHTERHAUSE0

(image : Beni KLON)

monika frycova ACHTERHAUSE1

(image : Jan Zalio)


The North Riviera n.2
stills from video – performance : The principals of couch surfing – airbnb – with fake taxi driver, fake documents and as a fake
Icelandic stewardess looking for place to sleep mainly in Blankenese Hamburg area. (part of installation work in 2025)

monika frycova ACHTERHAUSE2 monika frycova ACHTERHAUSE3 monika frycova ACHTERHAUSE4 monika frycova ACHTERHAUSE5



Playing surfobard, drawing and emergency flare (fragments from happening in 2025)

monika frycova ACHTERHAUSE6monika frycova ACHTERHAUSE7


(image : Monika Fryčová)

(image : Monika Fryčová)