Humberto Junca

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Humberto Junca
Born and based 1968 in Bogota – Columbia

Residency in Achterhaus
October – December 2015


1 by Sarah Hildebrand
2-4 Humberto Junca himself

I worked at Achterhaus with common things that surround me at that time (Autumn and Winter of 2015) in Hamburg. The night of the 20th of November I exhibited the (partial) results of my residency at 2025 in a show I called “geliehene Worte” (loan words). Obviously, after my arrival language and words became really important. The work I did at Achterhaus was about language and about the landscape where I was living at. More precisely, it was about the limits of spoken language, and the immense possibilities of meaning found in non linguistic signs… the meanings of our acts, the meanings of the material (the tepidity of the wool, for example).
I exhibited the word “Verwandlung” (transformation) constructed with eleven handmade embroideries (eleven handmade letters) crafted with the wool of old scarfs. Also I recorded and played (with) the sound of acorns falling over the streets and over parking cars at night around Achterhaus. I picked up many of these seeds from the streets and constructed with them another word, “Auslegung” (interpretation); and made with them a couple of other installations (accumulations and a funny line of bended acorns).

The things I showed at 2025 lied somewhere between concept and handcraft while pointed to the inevitability of metamorphosis. (And yes, I do think now that all the words we use are loan words.)

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