Henry Andersen

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Henry Andersen
Born 1992 in Sydney, Australia
lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Residency in Achterhaus
May – June 2019

During the time at Achterhaus: revisiting an old-project from when I was a student, in which (project) I scanned pages of a copy of Discipline and Punish (Foucault, M. 1975) having once belonged to my father and which bear evidence of his thoughts as a young Marxist filmmaker in the form of scrawled writings in the margins. These notes became the basis of a digital font of my own design which allows me to type some semblance of his script.

In Hamburg. I experimented with (again) re-appropriating this found script as a tool for producing concrete poetry. Tests in terms of forms and possibilities, but also experiments with plotter printing leading shortly thereafter to the construction of a printer of my own. Also while there: preparations for a collective reading performance with my duo ‘Slow Reading Club’ which we presented at Kunstverein Hamburger Bahnhof in Septembr 2019.

A “coming of age reader” about teenager-hood and transition to mark the 20th anniversary of the young art-space + a long-sleeve t-shirt (in collaboration with Hamburg label ADDLABEL) as an edition to accompany the reading session.