Freiraum – Chimère de nos réalités

In their project Sarah Hildebrand and Lena Buhrmann question the perception of reality. Through their work in sculpture and photography they interrogate the diverging representations of our realities. How do we experience reality? What convinces us that we exist? On what basis do we construct our sensation of the present? Their collective work and this exhibition project scrutinize our many notions while raising the question of the experience of reality in space.



Ort der Residenz und der Ausstellung:

Ausstellung, 28 – 30 Juli 2016,
Fonderie Kugler, Genf

28.07.16 / 18 – 24h / Vernissage und Performance mit Matteo Zimmermann
29.07.16 / 14 – 20h / Ausstellung
30.07.16 / 14 – 20h / Ausstellung und Finissage mit Musik

Freiraum - Chimère de nos réalités-3

Freiraum - Chimère de nos réalités-1Freiraum - Chimère de nos réalités-4