Celina Bordino

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Celina Bordino
Córdoba, Argentina – Barcelona, Spain

Residency in Achterhaus
January – March 2017


Celina Bordino

Since I’ve been living in Barcelona, I’ve been drawing attention and I have carefully observed those spaces where immigrant communities meet each other in different city areas. I am interested in what happens in these places where experiences are shared becoming networking sites, where people spend time exchanging information about the immigrant issues or just to arrange to start a new business or spending time together. They recreate a new life hanging out around these places, keeping alive the native language in the meantime, they try to start a new story in a new country. I started with this project in Barcelona, first. I kept on working with emigrants that returned to the Galician region after leaving Spain towards America or North Europe. In this process I begin walking through the city trying to understand its own cartography.The next steps, when I find this places I start to connecting with people, asking them, insisting on my visits and being curious about hearing their immigrant stories. Is also important for me to add my own experience during the project in a new city. The pictures of these empty places are complemented by some writings, interviews and sounds recorded which talk about what is going on around these sites.

After a few days in Achterhaus I realized that I was attracted to knowing the Latin American community in Hamburg. For three months I have been mapping the city looking for places where this group meets. I visited them, told them where I come from, talked about what I was doing in Germany, shared my project. I sat down, observed and listened to what was going on there. The last month I made pictures in those places and nowadays I am working on some stories they told me during this period. “A day will come when you have to decide whether staying or coming back”, she told me. This was the Aktion #170 in 2025 e.V in which I invited some people I met during my residency to play and share time together as if they were in these spaces I photographed.

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