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Humberto Junca

Humberto Junca Born and based 1968 in Bogota – Columbia Residency in Achterhaus October – December 2015 Website Photos 1 by Sarah Hildebrand 2-4 Humberto Junca himself I worked at Achterhaus with common things that surround me at that time (Autumn and Winter of 2015) in Hamburg. The night of the 20th of November I exhibited the (partial) results of my residency at 2025 in a show I called “geliehene Worte” (loan words). Obviously, after my arrival language and words became really important. The work I did at Achterhaus was about language and about the landscape where I was living at. More precisely, it was about the limits of spoken […]

Matthias Gabi

Matthias Gabi Born in Bern 1981, based in Zürich Residency in Achterhaus April – September 2015 Website  

Nino Kvrivishvili

Nino Kvrivishvili Born and based in Tbilisi – Georgia Residency in Achterhaus February – March 2015 Website  

Ayelet Ben Dor

Ayelet Ben Dor Born in Bat Yam – Israel, based in Tel Aviv – Israel Residency in Achterhaus October – December 2014 Website I am a visual artist, in the past few years video and animation became my main tool of expression. I build objects, paint and draw, eventually constructing it all into film. Fragmentation is important in my work – each frame may stand on its own. I try to reveal almost everything to the viewer: the manner in which the animation is comprised of single frames, the fact that the objects are made by hand and of cheap materials, the „special effects“ obtained in the most primitive […]

Mathis Altmann

Mathis Altmann Born 1987, Munich – Germany, based in Los Angeles and Zurich Residency in Achterhaus May – September 2014 Website