Ayelet Ben Dor

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Ayelet Ben Dor
Born in Bat Yam – Israel, based in Tel Aviv – Israel

Residency in Achterhaus
October – December 2014


I am a visual artist, in the past few years video and animation became my main tool of expression. I build objects, paint and draw, eventually constructing it all into film. Fragmentation is important in my work – each frame may stand on its own. I try to reveal almost everything to the viewer: the manner in which the animation is comprised of single frames, the fact that the objects are made by hand and of cheap materials, the „special effects“ obtained in the most primitive ways. My work is laborious and slow, but it has a sense of directness, sort of like the idea of blues or punk music. My birth land affects the way my art looks. The sun is bright and merciless here: it reveals all and there is nowhere to hide; its beams are leaving marks on the skin, influences and alters the body; the landscape loses all shades; there is nothing lurking in the shadows My drawings and films are a result of this landscape: most things are flat and on the surface, the only way to reveille nuances is by concealing them behind masks, in half darkness, underground or underwater, letting them nourish in ambiguity.

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