Uli Golub

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Uli Golub
Born 1990 in Eastern Ukraine
based in Oakland, California

Residency in Achterhaus
July – September 2019


About the exhibition »Memories from the Future. Incredible adventures of the bearded women. Behind the scenes.«
at xpon-art gallery
Can filmmaking be a practice of hospitality? Creating a movie is like giving birth. But you’re not alone. The creative team is crying and laughing, suffering and rejoicing with you. A film is a community baby. This exhibition will give you a glimpse into the process of art film conception and birth. With this exhibition we will celebrate the process of movie making and the creative team behind the scenes. We hope we will inspire others to go and give birth to more community babies of different shapes and colors. (xpon art)

a project by Uli Golub

and Creative Team:
Ariane Bethusy-Huc, Genia Loginova, Viktoria Lapidus, Naomi O’Taylor, Sergey Baryshev, Maria Markina, Anna Pakhmanova, Iryna Janca, Angelika Mayer, Isabella Langer, Soia Rabinovich, Evelina Glorija Valt, Shorouk El Hariry, Aleksander Ihnatenko, Bente Faust, Nikita Kotliar, Arne Lösekann, Alexey Markin, Veaceslav Silion, Mark Leyrer

About the artist
I am contemporary artist and aspiring film director. I am originally from Eastern Ukraine. I studied video art at Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia Art in Moscow. Storytelling is at the center of my art practice. From childhood I’ve been fascinated by Utopian soviet science fiction, ideas of Cosmism, Futurism and more recently I’ve been influenced by the discourse of Eco-Feminism. In this film you can definitely see some references to soviet sci fi masterpieces like Stalker or Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession.

The short film Look she’s got beard was shot during my 3 month art residency in Hamburg, Germany, thanks to the immense efforts of the local creative community and our amazing team. Our team is composed of people from different social and economic backgrounds, of different nationalities, ages, paths of life. Many of them have experiences displacement or even migration and being a refugee. The whole process of making this film turned out to be an amazing community building experience and hospitality practice.