Aliha Thalien

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Aliha Thalien
Born 1994 in Paris, France
lives and works in Paris, France

Residency in Achterhaus
October – December 2021

“ During my residency at Achterhaus, I worked on the text and on the medium of writing. For me, it was a question of perceiving writing as drawing and confronting it with new materials. I was able to experiment with latex in particular. Through moulding, the material becomes writing and vice versa. 

While preparing my move to Germany, while packing my things in France, I rediscovered old diaries from the years 2000-2010. I used these texts, remodelling them. 

I also worked on the sound production to accompany this plastic work. I had fun with the fact that the final piece presents inverted text, difficult to read, even for a French-speaking person. This allowed me to question my relationship with Hamburg, the fact that I don’t speak the same language, which made these diaries even more secret. “

Aliha Thalien, January 2022